Jane Ryan

The Crossing Arts Alliance in downtown Brainerd announces a new exhibit by Jane Ryan.

This exhibition features a selection of drawings from Jane Ryan’s series ‘Purgatory.’ Originating in western Europe at the end of the 12th century, Purgatory was thought to be a place where souls endured a state of temporary suffering and transformation through fire before moving on. While exploring the idea of two souls having common interactions through their occupations and life experiences, Jane questioned if they ever find each other in the end. The souls illustrated in her work are loosely based on two real people, who find themselves in this particular place due to their own tragic actions. Alluding to them through their choice of occupation and passions, they have been able to take an instrument of their craft with them, though they don’t actively use it; it is as if this source of livelihood has now become a shared burden, perhaps a condition of suffering, being unable to use that which had given them such pleasure in life. When these ideas came together with the imagery throughout the artwork, Jane wanted something different than fiery scenes of suffering and destruction. She decided that only items found in her garage could be used to make up the landscape in these interesting and detailed pieces that are Purgatory.

This exhibition will be on display through Oct. 26.

This exhibition is funded, in part, by the voters of Minnesota through grants from Five Wings Arts Council and the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.  

The Crossing Arts Alliance is located at 711 Laurel Street in the heart of downtown Brainerd. Call 218-833-0416 or visit crossingarts.org for more information.

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