Warm weather and family fun brought a crowd together for the 59th Annual Tamarack Hey Day, Saturday, Aug. 3. A feature of Hey Day is its tradition of activities offered free to many ages. The appeal of a parade, medallion hunt, games, races, a hay bale playground and music that families can enjoy while visiting, and the other low-cost attractions such as carnival games and rides, food, a beer and wine garden, bingo, button drawings and a one-block marathon race keep visitors coming back each year. Several families attending were represented by four generations.

The Tamarack Activities Club, sponsor of the Hey Day festival, collects donations from businesses. This year more than $5000 in donated prizes was given away to adults and children who purchased buttons. Cash prizes were given to the winners of the medallion hunt and the pentathlon. Children dug for coins and toys in a treasure island of sand. A hay bale maze for climbing and jumping was a central attraction. Young and old were able to purchase cow pies for a chance to win cash prizes. The history tent was popular, with photo displays of local history and past decades of Hey Day events.

A highlight this year was the display of what some people believed could have been fur from a bigfoot or sasquatch that had been found on a lake near Tamarack, frozen in a block of ice during the winter of 2018-19. Many viewers gave their opinions, however no definitive identification could be made.

Other highlights included wines paired with festival favorites such as tacos in a bag, cheese curds, brats, burgers, corn on the cob and hot dogs,and beer sampling. A new attraction this year was a three-wheeler dirt course.

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