Warm weather and feature sleds headline Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest and Scorpion Homecoming

On Saturday, Feb. 1, 173 Scorpion snowmobiles were on display at the 16th annual Cuyuna Lakes Ice Fishing Contest and Scorpion Homecoming. Several hundred participants attended. Temperatures were mild and there was a strong showing of this year’s feature machines, the Range Whip and all teardrop designs. Of the feature sleds, 26 of these original and restored machines were on display – the most ever.

Numerous unique and rare Scorpions were presented, including the legendary racing prototype, the “Odd Job” (highly regarded in the snowmobile racing community). As a result, the Scorpion Homecoming presented a wide range of local snowmobiling history, from the very earliest Scorpions to the racing machines of the late 1970s, all designed and manufactured by Rangers in the Cuyuna Lakes. Additionally, many locally made Massey-Ferguson snowmobiles were also on display. (For a time, Scorpion manufactured snowmobiles for the agricultural giant, Massey Ferguson).

As is typically the case, collectors came from far and wide, including this year, several from New York state.

Photos and additional details at: www.trailasled.com/ and www.facebook.com/scorpionsnowmobiles/.

All profits will benefit the on-going efforts of the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce.


Sno-Serpents Award: Jerry Garner, Blaine, 1974 Super Stinger (original)

Chamber’s Choice: Steve Martinson, Milaca, 1971 Stinger Trimmed Wedge (custom)

Scorpion Traveler: Marc Shuknecht, Elba, N.Y. (1,105 miles)

Eileen Harrison Memorial Award: Rick Kocher, West Bend, Wis., 1979 (purple custom)


Trail-A-Sled Era – original – runner-up: Samantha Martinson, Columbia Heights, 1967 SnoCraft

Trail-A-Sled Era – original – first place: Tara Snoknecht, Elba, N.Y., 1971 Super Stinger

Trail-A-Sled Era – Restored – runner-up: Dave Klein, Cold Spring, Minn., 1971 Super Stinger

Trail-A-Sled Era – restored – first place: Matt Mattich, Brainerd, 1970 Stinger

Scorpion Era – original – runner-up: Jerry Garner, Blaine, 1974 Super Stinger

Scorpion Era – original – first place: Al Emme, Glencoe, 1976 Massey Cyclone

Scorpion Era – restored – runner-up: Joe Bergquist, Twig, Minn., 1975 Lil Whip

Scorpion Era – restored – first place: Stephanie Steinhofer, Brooten, Minn., 1972 Stinger III

Scorpion Custom – runner-up: Dalyn Bishop, Pike Lake, Minn., 1966 Sears

Scorpion Custom – first place: Dwight Bartel, West Bend, Wis., 1975 Odd Job


Honorable Mention I – Sandra Schutz, St Cloud, 1971 Mark IV

Honorable Mention II – Scott Vouk, St. Stephen, Minn., 1970 Stinger

Honorable Mention III – Jared Wasserziener, Pillager, 1969 Mark I

Honorable Mention IV – Ed Schutz, Rockville, Minn., 1968 Mark I

Honorable Mention V – Roger Sparrow, Jordan, Minn., 1971 Mark IV

Third Place – Mark Schraut, Royalton, Minn., 1969 Mark II 300

Second Place – Dave Emme, Glencoe, 1977 Ranger Whip Sting

First Place – Ron Rooney, Emily, 1971 Mark II

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