Dave Fort and Brooklyn Samson

Dave Fort and Brooklyn Samson on one of their treks along the river.

David Fort and Brooklyn Samson will perform at The Beanery Friday, Sept. 6, from 8 to 10 p.m. Members of the Canadian hypno-folk act “TWIN and Friends,” they are led by Fort who was born in Minnesota. Admission is free. Donations are appreciated. This is the duo’s second annual Mississippi Armada Canoe Trip.

Fort and Samson said the vision of the Armada is to help communities celebrate their heritage as a riverboat town and generate excitement and involvement both on the water and in the towns along the way.

TWIN has now traversed the Mississippi, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Assiniboine rivers by canoe. Performances happen in major centers, small towns, festivals, native American communities, parks and farms where they share songs and stories about their travels.

This year’s stop in Aitkin will feature Sharon Day and Lee Taylor who walked the distance of the Mississippi River from the headwaters to Mexico, drawing attention to the river and water in general. They will share their story and perform a few songs. One night after performing in Aitkin, Lee and Taylor will play with the Indigo Girls before heading off to New York City as  Fort and Samson shove off and follow the river to Brainerd.

Dave remembers last year’s stop in Aitkin as “the best” because of the sharing the duo did with Aitkin musicians and historians.

“There’s something special about Aitkin,” Fort said.

TWIN has released one album, Sharing Secrets with Strangers, and has shared the stage with artists like Timber Timbre, Ryan Cassatta, Rae Spoon, Big Black Delta and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. TWIN also teamed up with Winnipeg-based No-label Collective to release Ceremony, a six-song DVD of videos shot in the bay area.

“The Canadian hypno-funk act and friends are changing music history with their river armada concert series, taking themselves, others, all their gear and instruments down the river by canoe, sharing songs, stories and fun everywhere they go,” said Nan Hargis of the Oakland Tribune.

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