On Oct. 21, 22 and 23, Aitkin County Friends of the Arts will be presenting the musical comedy, “Church Basement Ladies,” in the Aitkin High School Auditorium.  

The story takes place in the mythical town of Cornicopa, somewhere on the prairies of Northwestern Minnesota.  

The five characters in this Lutheran Church kitchen are:

• Pastor Gunderson, a middle-aged widower who recently married a new young wife. This only male role will be played by Jere Fremling.

• Mrs. Lars (Vivian) Snustad is a long-time widow and the matriarch of the kitchen. She does not like change ... or the Twin Cities.  This character will be played by Kathie Smith.

• Mrs. Gilmer (Mavis) Gilmerson is a farmer’s wife who also knows the genealogy of everyone in the town.  The actress for this character will be Nikky Laird.

• Mrs. Elroy (Karin) Engelson is gracious and warm and has the most style.  She is also recognized as being the best cook in the kitchen.  Cast in this role will be Jen Gabrio.

• Miss Signe Engelson is Karin’s daughter and a freshman at the University of Minnesota.  She is spunky, slightly sassy but respectful. This part will be played by Alaina Hagestuen.

Each of the three performances will begin at 7 p.m. in the AHS auditorium.  

Tickets will be on sale at the Aitkin Age, beginning Monday, Sept. 20.

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