The Jaques rotating art program is on the move again. Scientists have shown that viewing art is soothing, stimulating and increases brain activity. Art is visual learning. Stimulate the senses, sooth the nerves, and see local art at locations in Aitkin. All of the art is for sale through the Jaques Art Center, 218-927-2363.

The largest display is at the Aitkin Public Library and now features the art of Duane Barnhart, an artist who paints on location (plein air) and at his home studio on Big Pine Lake. He is a national and regional award-winning artist.

The Workforce Center features art by Linda Causton, who has a creative imagination incorporating items into her oil and acrylic creations. Her work reflects the Aitkin area and the wonder of the ‘Up North’ experience.

The Neighborhood Bank is displaying work by Adele McDonnell. Adele works in oils, acrylics, pastels and inks. She also enjoys 3-D art with her pottery and slumped and fused glass items which can be found at the Jaques Art Center’s gift shop. It is a unique art form that Adele has mastered.

Haberkorn Law Office’s reception area was recently updated and features art work by Janice Hasselius. Janice’s pastel painting, which won the Grand Championship at the Aitkin County Fair in pastels this year is on display. Janice is an award-winning Aitkin artist in watercolors, acrylics, oils and pastels.

Security State Bank features a still life oil painting by Janice Hasselius also this rotation.

Mid-Minnesota Credit Union features art by Mary White Kochenderfer who is from Garrison. Mary’s art reflects the Aitkin area’s beauty. Mary also specializes in commissioned animal portraits. Contact the Jaques for further details.

BlackRock Terrace is hosting Diane Runberg’s paintings. Diane has a modernistic approach to art which is like a breath of fresh air. Diane Runberg was the first artist to display with the Rotating Art Show and has sold many of her art works.

Bremer Bank: Pamela Andell is the director of the Jaques Art Center and is a native Aitkinite. Her father, Carroll Heft, was a well-known local artist. Pamela’s pastel works are featured at Bremer Bank this rotation.


In Sep. 2016, the first participant for rotating art in Aitkin was Neighborhood Bank, featuring Diane Runberg’s paintings. It was so well received, they encouraged Jaques to expand the idea of rotating art for local artists. In Aug. 2017, the Aitkin Public Library was added. And finally, in 2018 Haberkorn Law Office, Black Rock Terrace, Mid Minnesota Credit Union, Bremer Bank, Security State Bank, the Workforce Center and the Glen Cafe rounded out the rotating show venue. Local artists are featured with rotation every three months.

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