7th grade: Reese Boleman, Callee Gerber, Madilyn Swanson.

8th grade: Bellona Dunham, Adrianna Harcey, Steven Meyer, Kaijia Neary, Abby Zapzalka.

9th grade: Emmett Bray, Cheyenne Brinson, Brooklyn Harcey, Easton Kingsley, Jax Nearly, Shaley Pearson, Annika Spangler, Lainee Spangler.

10th grade: Saige Ahonen, Emma Finke, Tanner Harcey, Riley Holm, Raven Miranda, Randi Wilson, Allly Zapzalka.

11th grade: Ruby Booth, Mackenzie Casper, Mackenzie Finke, Ava Klennert, Tyrell Lego, Dari Okerstrom, Cayleb Shelby.

12th grade: Hunter Lou Ahonen, Matthew Clarke, Hunter Gerber, Tucker Holm, Avangeline Solie, Seth St. Martin, Shyan Yanez.


6th grade: Emily Casper, Dani Hannula, Coltyn Harcey, Taylor Washburn.

7th grade: Madison Barnes, Mackenzie Benson, Jasmine Kingsley.

8th grade: Trevor Kingsley.

9th grade: Taleigha Cook, Emily Grimsbo, Adrianna Leverty-Taylor, Joseph Swanson.

10th grade: Kyle Grimsbo, Hayden Passig, Kira Schuety, Michelle Smith, Niyelle Solie, Kylah Villiard.

11th grade: Thorin Dunham, Payden Gould, Zavier James, Hunter Johnson, Julia Nordquist, Ava Smith, Taylor Wagner.

12th grade: Maycee Lathrop, Andrew Major, Colton McManigle.

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