McGregor Homecoming Court 2019

McGregor Homecoming Court 2019 - front:  Crown Bearer Koen Paquette, King Nathan Scollard, Queen Emma Arnold and Crown Bearer Maci Leddy. Back: Micah Barnaby, Logan Jackson, Joe Oliver, Marshall Passer, Karley Eld, Grace Molitor-Johnson, Maddy Niemeyer and Morgan Dirk.

The week of Sept. 23 was Homecoming Week in McGregor.

Monday kicked off with Patriotic/I Love America Day. Events included tug-of-war and a triathlon (including pulling hay bales). Two students, Allie Zimpel and Laine Horton, were named Mr. and Mrs. Merc after winning a food competition. They had to catch marshmallows in an ice cream cup held in their mouths, transfer Starburst candies on a popsicle stick and eat a donut on a string - all while blindfolded.

Tuesday was Where’s Waldo Day and included a junior and senior afternoon volleyball game. Wednesday was Pajama Day, and Thursday was VSCO Day along with a junior and senior flag football game. The week culminated with Friday being School Color Day and a 2 p.m. coronation of Homecoming King and Queen followed by a senior tea and a 7 p.m. Mercs home football game vs. Carlton. From 9:30-11:30 p.m. there was a homecoming celebration which included dancing, games and snacks.

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