Students of the month - 3-31-2021

Aitkin March 2021

Hudson Woodrow, Kindergarten

Hudson is an inquisitive child who has a natural thirst for knowledge. He shares his knowledge and makes connections to our learning on a daily basis. Hudson also has a wonderful sense of humor.

Noah Lehrke, First Grade

He has a kind, thoughtful, and funny soul. He will always give at least one compliment to someone each day, if not more. He is respectful when being funny and almost always makes me laugh each day.

Abby Krohn, Second Grade

Abby is always doing her best, no matter what the task. She is a great friend and is always willing to help out any student in class. Her smile lights up our classroom daily.

Connor Keil, Third Grade

Connor has grown into a wonderful student. He works hard and is so respectful all of the time. It has been fantastic watching him become a clever student with well-thought ideas.

Linzy Eklund, Fourth Grade

Linzy comes into the classroom every morning with a big smile on her face and a positive attitude. Linzy loves helping other students and the teacher. She works hard, stays focused and is on task all day.

Morgan Poland, Fifth Grade

Morgan is an extremely helpful student in the classroom. She makes it a priority to complete her work to the very best of her ability and she shows her true character each day by always going above and beyond.

William Vogtlin, Sixth Grade

William listens and follows directions. He is an excellent team player. William has persevered through some challenging problems in class with a positive attitude.

Sienna Melz, Seventh Grade

Sienna always has a positive attitude and willing to help with anything you ask. She is respectful to faculty and staff, and always willing to help her peers.

Michale Oman, Eighth Grade

Micky is a great student who tries consistently hard each day of the week and strives to produce excellent work. He is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom and his humble demeanor is so evident in everything he does. He is a quiet, natural leader.

Mara Dox, Ninth Grade

Mara brings laughter and enjoyment into the classroom. She makes the learning experience fun for her peers and teachers. Mara does very well academically in all of her classes.

Macy Paulbeck, Tenth Grade

Consistently works hard to produce high quality work, is engaged and fully participating during remote learning, is responsible with deadlines and always has a positive attitude.

Ryan McCormick, Eleventh Grade

He is here everyday, works hard, always gets things in on time, is respectful and participates. I feel he falls under the radar but is a great kid who deserves to be recognized.

Derek Moore, Twelfth Grade

Beyond being a student who is engaged and participating in class on all levels, Derek has an optimistic attitude and is one of the most friendly students I have had in my class. His inclusiveness adds to the positive climate at Aitkin High School.

McGregor February 2021

Eli Robinson, Kindergarten

Eli has made great progress in being a role model for his peers.  He is working hard to be responsible and respectful each day. He tries his best on everything! He is always willing to share his thoughts during class discussions and listens to others when they share their own.

Elsa Braun, First Grade

She makes sure all of her friends are included in group activities. She isn’t afraid to ask for help or get help if someone needs it. Elsa completes all of her work to the best of her ability and isn’t afraid to share her ways of thinking. Her confidence is starting to shine and it has been such a joy to watch.

Hailey Roth, Second Grade

Hailey shows up ready to work hard each day. She is kind and polite to her peers and staff members. Hailey is an enthusiastic learner and strives to do her best work. She is self-motivated and exceeds expectations with her daily work.

Mason Guida, Third Grade

Mason brings his smile (what we can see of it under the mask!)  and curiosity into the classroom every day. He enthusiastically participates in every classroom activity and discussion. He asks thoughtful questions and offers his own understanding to every conversation.

Chloe Creswell, Fourth Grade

Chloe is a joy to have in class. She is always willing to participate in daily activities and help out other students. Her positive attitude is an inspiration to her classmates. Chloe takes pride in her work and being organized. She is the type of student who leads by example for others to follow.

Jessi Warner, Fifth Grade

If you ever need to put a smile on your face, Jessi is your guy. He will always make you laugh! Jessi has also worked SO hard to overcome challenges. He is making such great progress and we are so proud of him. But watch out! Jessi is also the master of the prank!

Emma Bobrowski, Sixth Grade

Emma is an outstanding student. She exemplifies what it means to be in the Merc Zone. Her kindness and compassion shine through her on a daily basis and is an inspiration to others. She has a strong desire for success and pushes herself to the next level.

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