Students of the month - 4-28-2021

Aitkin Students of the Month – April 2021

Irene Wagner - Kindergarten

Irene thinks carefully about her work and takes her time to be sure she is completing quality assignments. She listens to directions the first time and gently guides her friends if they have questions.

Indigo Howard-Larsen - First Grade

Indigo has a strong learning ethic! She has made huge gains in math and does her very best in reading. She is very responsible and cares so much for her friends! She always wants to do the right thing.

Daniel Harrison - Second Grade

Daniel demonstrates daily and natural ability to connect and kindly socialize with humans of all age levels. Daniel demonstrates a “can do” attitude when a task is difficult.

Owen Perrine - Third Grade

Owen is such a hard working young man. Owen is very respectful and is always thinking of his classmates. I love the way he uses his manners and is so polite to everyone.

Laura Vogtlin - Fourth Grade

Laura comes to class each day ready and prepared to learn. She takes pride in her work by following instructions and doing the best work she can. Laura gets along with all of her peers.

Matthew Stueven - Fifth Grade

Mathew is a student who always does his best as well as trying to go further. He is a fabulous friend to others. To have a student like Mathew is an honor. He is a genuine young man with lots of integrity.

Dakota Richardson - Sixth Grade

You can always find Dakota doing the right thing. She is an outstanding math student and excellent reader. She is always willing to help and do it with a positive spirit.

Reese Wendlandt - Seventh Grade

He is a pleasant student who is conscientious and engaged every single day.

Laurel Larson - Eighth Grade

Laurel is an incredible young lady who carries herself with remarkable integrity, and holds herself to a very high standard. She is kind to everyone she encounters throughout school and is always willing to step up and help others.

Nora Ashton - Ninth Grade

She has been a wonderful student. She turns in quality work, and has her work turned in on time. She is always willing to lend a hand, and works well with her classmates.

Bailey Gabrio - Tenth Grade

Bailey is a responsible, hard working student who is engaged in class, asks questions about content and curiosities beyond the subject matter, and is someone who brings excitement and energy to the room.

Karissa Manley - Eleventh Grade

Karissa has been an excellent student, keeping up and even maintaining a high level of academic standard, all through this challenging time of remote learning. She has been a pleasure to work with, when helping her after school hours and she is always on time, when we schedule our meetings.

Hailey Mellema - Twelfth Grade

She takes pride in getting her assignments done in order to keep her grades up.

McGregor Students of the Month – March 2021

Ella Friend - Kindergarten

Ella has a great work ethic!  She is sweet, kind, and always very respectful.  She puts her heart into everything she does!  She contributes during discussions and has great insights.  She sets a wonderful example for her peers. 

Claire DeMenge - First Grade

Claire works to be the very best version of herself and a friend to others.  She is enthusiastic about learning and helping others learn.  She exceeds expectations and encourages others to do the same. She is motivating, kind, respectful and a role model student.

Hudson Johnson - Second Grade

Hudson has been a distance learner rockstar!  He contributes to classroom discussions through Google Meets, works hard on completing assignments, and goes above and beyond to practice improving his skills.

Cherylynn Jose-Sayers - Third Grade

Cheryl has been a pleasure to have in our classroom. No matter what day of the week it is, Cheryl finds a way to be a fun and happy student. Her silliness brings joy to everyone around her.

Tessa McDowell - Fourth Grade

Tessa walks into the classroom every day with a smile on her face and a spring in her step! Tessa is friendly and cares about her classmates. She is persistent and perseveres in her work, even when it’s tricky.  Tessa is helpful and dependable to her teacher and her classmates.

Hunter Rubich - Fifth Grade

Hunter has been in the Merc Zone since his very first day! Hunter is a hard worker who takes pride in getting the job done well. He participates in class, asks great questions, and is always ready to take on a challenge. Hunter also has great manners and treats others with kindness and respect.

Piper Schmidt - Sixth Grade

Piper is new to our class this year.  She immediately had a positive impact on our classroom.  Piper models how to approach school every day-she is inquisitive, she pays attention, she gets help when she needs it, she is kind to everyone, she has managed to be a “new kid” extremely well. 

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