Aitkin Students of the Month – November 2021

Aitkin Students of the Month – November 2021

Daelyn Charette, Kindergarten

Daelyn is a very hard worker who tries her best in all areas of school. She is an excellent listener who follows directions the first time. She is kind to all of her classmates. Daelyn is an absolute joy to have in school!

Hattie Crowther, First Grade

Hattie is always listening and following directions. She is a great role model in and out of class! She is a kind friend and always willing to help. She extends her helpful hand even when no one else is looking. A great example for others!

Jayde Anakkala, Second Grade

Jayde treats classmates, teachers and staff with respect. She is responsible and hardworking – always putting forth her best effort. Jayde always has a smile on her face and has a positive attitude towards others and her work.

Damian Taylor, Third Grade

Damian is always kind and considerate to others. He goes out of his way to make everyone’s day brighter. There are no words to express his daily compassion and positive attitude toward everyone he sees.

Cameron Steffens, Fourth Grade

Cameron is a very dependable and caring student! He helps others without even thinking about it. Cameron is an excellent role model for other students to follow.

Tenley Crowther, Fifth Grade

Tenley is a super sweet and exceptionally helpful friend. She always does her very best and produces high quality work. She consistently has a great attitude and goes out of her way to be kind to everyone.

Kinley Washburn, Sixth Grade

Kinley is amazing. You’ll always find her doing the right thing. She is friendly, kind, quiet and intelligent, someone all students should look up to. She is also kind and respectful. She has perseverance and dedication. Her smile is contagious!

Eliot Christensen, Seventh Grade

Eliot is a great student and always goes above and beyond. He is creative and kind to others, a hard-worker and classroom leader; I don’t see this young man straying from the “model student” path down the road, he is textbook!

Chloe Coonfield, Eighth Grade

Chloe is a wonderful student who works incredibly hard to do her very best work. She takes pride in her relationships with teachers and peers, she is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone. We love having her in class!

Jeremia Cortez, Ninth Grade

Jeremia is a hard working student.  He is friendly, caring and compassionate. He works well in any group that he is put in, and is a great classmate which is great to see.

Kenna Garard, Tenth Grade

Kenna is a fun, engaged student in my class. She puts her best efforts into all her work while adding to the class culture as a whole. She is willing to share in class and always offers something to the conversation.

John M. McGuire,Eleventh Grade

John is responsible, helpful, kind to others. He is very respectful and enjoys helping other students in class. He is also a proud Gobbler who represents our school on the football team and other school activities.

Mitchell Kearns, Twelfth Grade

Simply a sweet, kind gentleman! Has had some struggles through life, but always seems to find a way to demonstrate a high level of respect for me (as one of his teachers) and is a great senior member of our ornithology crew!

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