Students of the Month – October/November 2020

Students of the Month – October/November 2020

October Students of the Month

Kindergarten (Mrs. Ostrowski’s Class) -  Sam Hanson

Sam is such a kind and patient friend to all of his classmates. He invites others to play and is always ready with a friendly smile for everyone. Sam works hard and does his best in everything that is asked of him. He is a great kid and I feel lucky to be his teacher.

1st grade (Mrs. Emery’s Class) – Sahara Demars

Sahara is a heart of gold! She comes to school every day anxious to learn. She is always prepared and ready to participate in class. She wants her classmates, as well as herself, to succeed! She is a special girl!

2nd Grade (Mrs. Boyd’s Class) – Benjamin Speed

Ben comes to class and tries his hardest on everything he works on. Ben is kind and a great friend to his classmates.

3rd Grade (Mr. Smith’s Class) – Kenzie Klee

Kenzie is a diligent student. She is extremely helpful to everyone, always cheerful and is an ambitious student who is driven to learn. Kenzie is always prepared for each lesson, which makes her a model student.

4th Grade (Mrs. Goudge’s Class) – Madison Livingston

Madison is an extremely hard worker who cares about her school work. Madison is consistently positive, polite and a wonderful role model for others in the classroom.

5th Grade (Mrs. Fremling’s Class) – Hunter Ward

Hunter is always so polite in class. Hunter is detail-oriented and becoming more independent and mature. He is respectful to his peers and it has been a joy to be his teacher.

6th Grade (Mrs. Courtemanche’s Class) – Ashley Asmus

Ashley is a conscientious, hard-working student. She is thoughtful and polite in her interactions with her peers.


Owen Spolarich - 7th grade - Owen takes school very seriously and works hard to succeed. He’s a very attentive individual who is very dedicated towards doing his best.

Jerome Joerger - 8th grade - He is a wonderful student who goes the extra mile to help his peers. His is extremely responsible, does fantastic quality work, and he always has such a positive and upbeat attitude. Jerome was so good at helping other students and did excellent work himself. 

Gavin Justen - 9th grade - Gavin has been excellent so far this school year. He gets right to work without complaint, asks questions, and participates in discussions. Gavin's work is outstanding. I also appreciate that I don't ever have to remind him to put his mask on.

Jillian Tibbetts - 10th grade - Jillian is a very pleasant and thoughtful young lady. I think her behavior is much improved from the last few years and her attendance has also been very good. Her attendance is  good. Always willing to help her  classmates and Office staff.

Kaily Crapser: 11th grade.   Excellent student. creative, responsible and very respectful. She does a very good job helping other students and doing an excellent job participating in class. She is the kind of students who loves to learn and appreciates all her teachers.

James Much - 12th grade - Has continued fantastic work as a remote learner.

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