Pastor John Thomson

Pastor John Thomson will be welcomed on May 2 to the congregations of Our Savior’s Lutheran in McGregor and St. John’s Lutheran in Wright.

Everyone is invited to join Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in McGregor and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Wright on Sunday, May 2 at 1 p.m., as the churches welcome Pastor John Thomson to their congregations.  

His installation as pastor will be held at Our Savior’s in McGregor. There will be a luncheon to follow.  

Pastor Thomson was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. His family traveled around the country living in many places, including Minnesota, while his dad, a doctor, was serving in the Navy. Pastor Thomson graduated from University of Nebraska with a Bachelors of Arts in history. While in college, he joined the Marine Corps as a reservist.  

After graduation, he attended Concordia Theological Seminary, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where he graduated with a Masters of Divinity.  He then spent a year studying at Cambridge University in England. While in the seminary he became a Navy chaplain, serving the Coast Guard and Marines. His first two parishes were in Florida, where he met and married his wife, Beth.They had their two children, Nathan and Katie, before moving to Minnesota to serve a church until 9/11.

After 9/11, he went with the Marines to Iraq, where he served as their chaplain during the Battle of Fallujah ll. He returned home and moved the family to Italy, Virginia, Florida, and ended his Naval career in Guam. He retired in December 2020, and shortly afterward took the vacancy at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in McGregor and St. John’s in Wright.

“As we look into the future together, I want to continue the long history of serving the communities of McGregor and Wright, providing the Word of God to the people in the community, feeding the poor, helping to continue to make the communities a shiny beacon of light with the other churches and fellow Christians and citizens in our communities and anchoring the churches with a firm foundation to continue with a Lutheran presence throughout this century and into the next,” said Pastor John Thomson.

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