Senior Diners Club model extended to more area dining establishments

Gabby’s Eats and Treats in Palisade is the most recent Senior Diners Club location in Aitkin County.

Michael Kearney, owner/operator of Gabby’s was pleasantly surprised by how well the program was received during their first week of participation. Kearney reported serving 76 senior dining meals!

The Fireside Inn in McGregor started Tuesday - Friday  Senior Dining on Oct. 8, for a 30-day trial period (through Nov. 15).

The Senior Diners Club model meets the nutritional needs of older persons, with regard to their food preferences and needs. The service model treats older persons as customers to satisfy, not simply clients to be counted or recipients to be subsidized.

The program is delivered through existing restaurants or food service programs, so participants have the added social benefit of mingling with other customers as they enjoy their meals.

The Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) contracts with Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA) to provide meals and nutrition services in Aitkin and other counties in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota.

Meals on Wheels - delivered meals may be provided to eligible clients as part of the same program.

For more information, contact  Lynne Jacobs at Aitkin County CARE 218-927-1383.

How Senior Diners Club Works

1. Older adults (60 or older and spouse regardless of age) sign up for Diners Club by completing a NAPIS registration form with AEOA.

2. Registered customer names are added to the current enrollment list at a specific restaurant.

3. Diners Club is applicable at specified restaurants; usually Monday through Friday and at a specific service time.

4. Customers verify receipt by signing a daily log sheet or the back of the restaurant order slip.

5. Customers are informed of the donation policy for the meal service and the restaurant has a couple of options in the handling of donations.

6. AEOA reimburses the restaurant at the agreed upon contract price contingent upon verification of service.

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