Ryan Ott and Brittney Bochniak

Aitkin residents Ryan Ott, left, and Brittney Bochniak are providing volunteer snowblowing and snow shoveling to area residents when needed.

When it comes to volunteering, Aitkin resident Brittney Bochniak has done it all.

And in addition to providing safe rides on New Year’s Eve in the area, she and her friend Ryan Ott are working to help area residents out from under the snow when it comes.

Bochniak recently announced on Facebook that she and Ott would provde snowblowing and snow shoveling services to those in need.

While the two aren’t charging for their services, any donations are currently going to keep the snowblower in working order.

Bochniak, who recently has moved back to the area, said she is used to volunteering in whatever community she lives in. For now, that means offering the snow clearing services.

“It’s an older population here, and we just figured we’d offer some help,” said Bochniak. “And it just kind of blew up.

So far, Bochniak and Ott estimate they have provided snow clearing for about 25 or so houses, but have also gone back to several homes to clear additional snow.

“We do a lot of repeat business,” Ott said. “Even if they don’t come back to us, we’ll go by and make sure they’re cleared out.”

Ott said that it’s been a combined effort with the two.

“Mostly just extremely grateful people,” Ott said of the response he and Bochniak have received. “It’s great to see people thankful and it’s nice to know I can do things for people that would otherwise be difficult for them.”

Bochniak added, “I’ve helped a lot of people throughout my life.” When she saw that people were charging for snow removal, she felt the costs were too high.

“Either they’re disabled, or they don’t have the money,” she said of those they helped.

She and Ott will provide the service in the evenings. Anyone interested can call Bochniak at 763-600-9664, or Ott at 763-951-9936.

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