Area Neighbors Giving Elderly Live-in Services (ANGELS) was established in 2004 as a community-based program dedicated to providing assistance to seniors aged 60+ residing within Aitkin County so they would be able to live in their homes safely, independently and with dignity for as long as possible. Some of the services include transportation, home visits, educational programs, foot care, memory care support groups and socialization events. In 2018 ANGELS served 549 clients. Volunteer hours directly serving clients totaled 3,694 plus hundreds of additional hours of administrative support service. ANGELS depends on volunteers to perform the many needed services. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available. Volunteers can indicate specific areas of service they are interested in and qualified to perform. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for a great organization?

Minor Construction Repairs:  ANGELS can provide minor home repairs for clients in need as well as repairs to the ANGELS office. If a stair or two needs fixing up to keep a senior safe, ANGELS can fill that need. If the client has home repair needs that are beyond the scope of what ANGELS can provide, we have partnered with other nonprofits to acquire materials and labor. Some of these repairs have included handicapped ramps, home flooring installation, yard or home trash removal, etc.

Client Lawn/Sidewalk Maintenance:  Since most of the volunteers are seniors themselves, ANGELS is always in need of volunteers to assist with lawn mowing, leaf blowing and snow shoveling. Seniors wanting to remain independent in their own homes typically are able to continue with light housekeeping, cooking and laundry chores themselves. However, when it comes to snow removal and lawn care, professional services are needed. Many seniors living within Aitkin County cannot afford those costs. ANGELS continues to try to fill this need with volunteers as much as possible.

Transportation:  ANGELS’ most popular request for service is transportation. Aitkin County residents travel to McGregor or Aitkin for medical appointments, shopping, etc. Clients may need transportation regularly if they no longer drive or their spouse died. They may need transportation on a short-term basis, if they have temporary driving restrictions due to surgery. Transportation is crucial for seniors who desire independent living at home. Occasionally, volunteers have delivered prescriptions and/or groceries to clients who have been temporarily home-bound. Some transportation services are requested on a recurring schedule – especially when clients undergo radiation therapy or kidney dialysis treatments. If you are interested in becoming a driver for ANGELS, you must have your own car, a clean driving record and automobile insurance.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter and Office Help:  Do you like to help out with office duties? ANGELS is in need of volunteers to help in the office by answering telephones, stuffing envelopes, attaching mailing labels, talking with visitors to the office, helping out in the ANGELS Attic Thrift Store, etc. You will not be bored! Free training is provided.

Socialization:  ANGELS has an Activities Committee to coordinate fundraising events, field trips, special events as well as recurring activities such as the monthly Community Meal and Movie Fridays. Some activities require minimal volunteer coordination. However, there are some activities that require many hands for successful outcomes. Volunteers can help with one, some, many or all events. It has been shown that seniors who regularly socialize with others are happier and maintain their independence longer than those who do not.

If you are interested in becoming an ANGELS volunteer, give the office a call. It is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 218-768-2762. You will need to complete an application and worksheet specifying your volunteer position interests. Background checks are processed for all new volunteers. ANGELS accepts monetary as well as approved material donations. Be sure to check out the website at:

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