City of Aitkin Police

From left, are Aitkin Police Chief Tim Catlin and Assistant Chief Paul Ryan. Missing from the photo is Assistant Chief Shawn Brown, who was unavailable for the picture.

The Aitkin Police Department was first formed in 1901 with town constables.

The Village of Aitkin started with constables, then to night watchman, to village marshal and now to what is referred to as police officers as the city’s force has grown to what it is today.

The foundation of the police department today is a reflection of what the original constables in the village were hired to do – to serve and protect. The police department then and now has always based its policing style on the community policing that we hear about today.

For more than 70 years, the police department has served the Aitkin community with 24-hour police coverage. Currently, the police department is striving to reach the full complement of eight licensed peace officers and one administrative staff person.

The police department administrative office is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m. However, there is always an officer on duty. To reach officers 24/7, residents can call Aitkin County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch at 218-927-7400.

As always, if there is an emergency, people should dial 911.

Officers and staff

Chief Tim Catlin – 34 years

Assistant Chief Paul Ryan – 25 years

Assistant Chief Shawn Brown -  18 years

Officer Drew Boldt – 5 years

Officer Colter Riedel – 3 years

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