Enbridge Check

Laura Kircher, Enbridge; Trent Wetmore, Enbridge: Josh Kimball, Hill City Chief of Police; Jeremy Nelson, Hill City Fire Chief; Mayor Dan Kingsley, Hill City; Trevor Lindblom, Enbridge.

On Tuesday, Aug. 13, Enbridge presented checks totaling $20,000 in grants to the Hill City community.

“Hill City and our area residents are very excited to see the Line 3 Project move forward and to be part of this endeavor with Enbridge. This $20,000 grant in our community (police, fire, and city) reflects a partnership we the city welcome from Enbridge with open arms and look forward to working with Enbridge and their staff,” said Hill City Mayor Dan Kingsley.

“We’re happy to support Hill City’s fire department, police department and city signage project,” said Trent Wetmore, Enbridge Director of Midwest Operations.

The fire department is planning to use its portion of the funds to replace and upgrade aging equipment as well as provide better comfort for victims in need of warmth in an emergency situation by boosting its supply of emergency blankets, hats and gloves. The police department will put the funds towards buying a new four-wheel-drive patrol vehicle to replace its 2010 Chevrolet Impala. The upgrade will enhance the department’s ability to respond to emergency calls during inclement weather and in more remote areas.

“Safety, integrity and respect remain our guiding principles, and define how we approach our relationships with neighbors, communities and thousands of landowners. We’re happy to invest in projects like these that make a difference in communities along our right-of-way,” added Wetmore.

Since 2014 Enbridge has donated over $3.8 million to local first responders and environmental projects.

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