Robinsons’ Store, at the intersection of State Hwy. 169 and Aitkin County Hwy. 3, saw a colorful collection of classic cars and tractors on Independence Day weekend.

The July 3 motor show was the fourth one held at the site since Bruce Robinson bought the property from his parents five years ago. Once the location of a general store that was a local landmark, the site is now used for the annual family gathering and motor show.

Robinson family members were decked out in matching red tee shirts on Saturday, making it clear that the event is also something of a family reunion. Family members were chatting, eating lunch and engaging in conversation with old friends who also enjoy collecting and restoring old motor vehicles.

Pat’s wife, Jill Robinson, said that 60 vehicle owners had registered for the show, and that the vehicles filled the available space during the show, which ran from 10 a.m.–2  p.m.

“This was the biggest and best show so far,” said Pat.

“We are planning the show for every Independence Day weekend,” Jill added.  “Next year it will be July 2.”

One of the exhibitors at the show was Jim Pitt, a 37-year veteran of the Aitkin School District. Pitt started his teaching career as a fourth grade teacher at Rippleside Elementary, later becoming assistant principal at Aitkin and then principal of both Aitkin and Palisade Schools.

Since his retirement, Pitt has been restoring classic cars and enjoys showing them at shows like the Robinsons’ motor show.

One of the landmarks at the Robinsons’ Store was the big clock on the front of the store, which was stolen several years ago. The clock has sentimental value to the family and they would still love to have it returned.

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