Boyd turns 2! Happy birthday!

Adilina Boyd, a second grader at Rippleside Elementary in Aitkin, is about to celebrate just her second “true” birthday as a leap-year baby.

Adilina Boyd is, in most cases, a normal second grader.

She likes math, and playing with animals, and she’s pretty big on Legos  – and on Harry Potter.

“I’m building some Harry Potter sets and I’m putting them up on shelves,” explained Boyd. She added when asked, that her favorite characters are “Harry and Hermione.”

There’s only about one thing that’s a little different about her, though: she’s seven going on two.

Born Feb. 29 in 2012, Boyd is a leap year child. It’s her second “leap year” birthday, but her first she has celebrated in school, at Rippleside Elementary in Aitkin.

“This is the first year I think I have it at school, with a teacher,” said Boyd, who actually will have to wait for her birthday party.

“Without counting my fake birthdays, I’m going to be two this year,” Boyd said with a smile.

This year’s marks another special milestone for Boyd, who has seen some of her siblings – two brothers and three sisters – make it into the paper before, but never herself.

This year’s birthday, she said, is more important now,  “because I’m going to be in the newspaper, and it’s going to be my first time.”

Boyd is a lifelong Aitkin resident, who fosters animals at her parents’ home.

In addition to her brothers and sisters, she has two dogs – Tank and Remington – as well as two cats, Runt and SuSu.

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