Minnesota State Patrol

Minnesota State Patrol

The Minnesota State Patrol has five troopers assigned to road patrol in Aitkin County, which is one of five stations in the Brainerd State Patrol district.

The troopers assigned to the 2830 station (Aitkin County):  

• Sergeant Brett Workman SP231, started as a deputy in Boone County, Ill., in 2001; joined the patrol in 2007

• Trooper Drew Olson SP366, joined the Patrol in 2007

• Trooper Glen Bihler SP469, started as a police officer in Sauk Rapids in 2006; joined the patrol in 2011

• Trooper Joe Setnes SP494, joined the patrol in 2014

• Trooper Jacob Bredsten SP234, joined the patrol in 2015

These troopers are supervised by Lieutenant Keith Benz out of the district office in Baxter. For many years, these troopers have been working out of a station office located at the Professional Building, north of the stoplight.

The main assignments for these troopers include traffic enforcement, crash investigation and attending various incidents that occur on the state highways within Aitkin County.

Their duties are typical of the assignment of a trooper in other work stations around Minnesota. They also spend a lot of time assisting allied agencies on calls when assistance is required or requested.

The troopers stationed in Aitkin County often participate in a number of local educational events at schools, some of which are related to actual crashes and reminding students of the dangers of driving while being distracted or impaired by drugs or alcohol.

This also includes presenting the State Patrol “Lasting Impact” video. This video contains a traffic safety message about dangerous driving behaviors plaguing roadways. In other teen-targeted efforts, troopers participate in a t-shirt cannon program where they launch t-shirts with a seat belt or distracted driving message on them at various high school sporting events.

Local area troopers are sometimes assigned to other special traffic duties such as parades and traffic direction. The troopers in Aitkin County are also active in the Toward Zero Deaths campaign as they routinely sign up to work extra shifts concentrated on speed, seat belt, distracted driving and DWI enforcement.

More information about Minnesota’s Towards Zero Deaths initiative can be found at: www.minnesotatzd.org.

The Aitkin County area is fortunate in that this crew of troopers possesses a variety of specialized credentials:  Canine handler; drug recognition expert; peer counselor; firearms instructor; and field training officer.

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