Includes more than $50,000 for child care expansion

During the second quarter of 2019, the Northland Foundation awarded 42 grants totaling $389,835. Five grants of $10,000 were made to increase the supply of child care openings in the region. The five child care grants were awarded to help with the start-up of four new programs that will be located in Eveleth, Aitkin, Duluth and Hermantown, and to help expand an existing child care program located in Virginia. The $50,000 in funding for these grants was provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

“We are appreciative that the State of Minnesota has committed funding to help increase access to high-quality child care in our region,” stated Tony

Sertich, Northland Foundation’s president. “Solutions to the shortage of care can be found if public and private sectors, like the Northland Foundation, work together with local communities, and we continue to support the child care providers who are already doing this incredibly important job.”

Local grants: Child Care Grants

For child care program start-ups and expansions with funding provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the support of the Northland Foundation.

Aitkin Health Services, $10,000.

Individual And Community Wellbeing

Advocates Against Domestic Abuse d/b/a HOPE (Healing Opportunity Provided Equally), $25,000. To support programming to increase the safety of victims of domestic violence.

Rural Aging Initiative

Help older adults and their caregivers live well in their homes and communities.

To provide paid internship opportunities to college students over the summer, to gain experience in intergenerational programming in their hometowns.

Aitkin Public Schools - ISD #001, $5,500.

McGregor KIDS PLUS/Something Cool, Inc., $5,500.

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