Paving bricks will be sold to raise funds for Aitkin park infrastructure.

Paving bricks will be sold to raise funds for Aitkin park infrastructure.

For more than a year, a committee of dog owners in Aitkin has been working to plan for an off-leash park where dog owners could let their dogs run and play outdoors.

The city council approved the use of a one-acre strip of land along the north edge of the newly acquired Tibbetts Natural Area for the purpose. That area will be subdivided into a smaller area for small or timid dogs and a larger area for larger, more active and social dogs to play, said committee spokesperson Bret Latterner.

“What is needed now is funding to build a fence and gates for the dog park,” Latterner said last week. “Aitkin Rental has generously offered to let us use equipment we will need to build the fence and create paths and seating for dog owners. Jesse Rian has offered to deliver wood chips for pathways from his stump grinding business, and committee members are donating their labor.

Fundraising has started in earnest with the sale of bricks that will be used to pave a pathway at the park. Donated items will also be sold at a garage sale on Sept. 19 at the Haberkorn Law office 122 2nd St. NW in Aitkin. To donate items that can be sold at the garage sale, contact Kelli O’Neil at 612-559-4279.

Donation jars will start appearing in area businesses the week of Sept. 14.

Bret Latterner can be contacted at 903-590-6569 if you would like to make a donation or help with construction.

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