The current Riverwood Healthcare Center in McGregor.

After evaluating several options for opening a full-service retail pharmacy in Aitkin, including at the hospital, a stand-alone facility or with a local business, Riverwood will be partnering with Paulbeck’s County Market. Construction will begin at Paulbeck’s in the next few months with the new pharmacy estimated to open in early 2020.

“With the closing of ShopKo’s pharmacy, we saw an opportunity to fulfill a community need and we look forward to expanding our pharmacy services,” said Riverwood CEO Todd Sandberg. “We reached out to Paulbeck’s to inquire about locating a pharmacy at the supermarket. We are pleased to offer area residents the convenience of having a pharmacy where they grocery shop, just like in many larger communities. With convenience for patients in mind, the pharmacy will include a drive-through window with all delivery and mail service options under consideration.”

Sandberg adds: “Another huge benefit is that having our patients fill their prescriptions at a Riverwood pharmacy supports continuity of care. A joint medical record between our hospital and the new pharmacy will improve quality and patient safety outcomes.”

Anticipating that it may need to expand its clinic operations in McGregor in the future, Riverwood has purchased 16 acres east of the Dollar General store along Highway 210 in McGregor.

“We are still in an evaluation phase of our current clinic capacity and future market needs for health care in the McGregor area,” Sandberg said. “A timeline has not been established for the build of a new clinic in McGregor, but we now have the land secured for future use.”

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