On Feb. 24, the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office responded to protest activity blocking the Hedbom Forest Road. Numerous people were blocking the road and a device had been erected in the center of the road. The device was constructed of two logs around 35’ long and fastened on the top. This “bipod” was vertical and anchored with ropes and posts approximately 45 feet away from the device. Suspended in the center of the device was a platform that was painted with anti pipeline slogans. On the top side of the platform over 20’ high, was an individual dressed in warm gear and wearing a mask.  The individual identified herself as “Rose.”  

Rose was advised that she was illegally blocking a public right of way and that she needed to come down.  Rose refused to come down. An extraction team was called out to assess the complicated bipod device and ultimately were able to safely remove Rose and lower her to the ground. Rose was identified as Rachel Marie Leaf, 34, from Minneapolis. Leaf was arrested at 9:57 a.m. and transported to the Aitkin County Jail.

 Leaf is charged with Misdemeanor Public Nuisance, Misdemeanor Obstructing Legal Process, Misdemeanor Failure to Comply with Peace Officer, Misdemeanor Unlawful Assembly, Misdemeanor Presence at an Unlawful Assembly.

 Conditions of release are not to enter any Enbridge Exclusion Zone or any marked areas of Enbridge work sites in Aitkin County or elsewhere, or any Line 3 locations or work areas. Not to have any knowing contact with Enbridge workers or any Line 3 workers at or near such work zones.

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