The sixth graders at Rippleside participated in an “Older Person Essay Contest” again this year. They were asked to write an essay detailing who their favorite older person is and why.

Some memorable quotes from the children included: “My Grandma is the best person I know, like legit the best,”- Presdon Hausken. “One thing I love about her is she doesn’t call me all those weird names like punkin, young man, and whatever else,”-Dane Larson.

“I gave my dad three names-Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle and unicorn,”-Ariana Harrison. “He says that he is going to scare all the boys my age away, but I know he won’t because he is too much of a softy,”-Ariana Harrison. “Also he was in the military and he was in the war, he also got bit by a ground squirrel, now he has diabetes, but not too bad,”-Kyle Hacker. “My Grandpa and I love desserts if he says ‘Do you want a donut?’ I’ll say ‘sure,’” -Grace Hanson. “He recently got knee surgery…now he is a robot”-Ed Koch. “After time the more he lifted farm stuff he kept getting more and more jacked”-Kody Kostick. “She makes good food, is nice and isn’t for sale, so all bets are off,”-Noland Nordberg. “She has speckles all over her body. Or how she says it ‘angel kisses,’”-Taylor Gravening.

The Aitkin Women of Today judged these essays for the second year.

The following students received honorable mentions: Allison Klinghagen, Levi Berg, Matteya Quiel, Jake McGuire, Kingston Kamangala, Elek Christensen, Max Manning, Maddie Schwerin, Donnie Griffin, Ariana Harrison, Ella Sinchak, Kyle Hacker, Kira Hamilton, Lily Byrnes, Jacob Moen, and Lyla Miller.

For Most Heart-Warming, Ava Patnode was the runner-up and Riley Nielsen was the winner. For Most Clever, Grace Hanson was the runner-up and Abigail Palm was the winner and for Most Well Written, Ellie Hoppe was the runner-up and Carson Emery was the winner.

Winners received a $25 gift certificate to Dairy Queen from the Aitkin Women of Today with the idea that they will take their favorite older person out for ice cream.

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