Flat Rock Farm in Thor is Century Farm

The Hoge family stands by a sign marking the year Carol and Kevin Hoge were married; they purchased the original 40 acre property that year, giving it the name Flat Rock Farm. The year 2020 marks the 100 year anniversary of Carol’s grandfathers purchase of the land. From left: Son-in-law Jim and daughter Leah, Carol, Kevin, daughter Sara and husband Erik and border collie Etta.

Kevin and Carol Hoge’s Flat Rock Farm in Thor, Minnesota in Glen and Lee townships is a 2020 Century Farm.

The original 40 acres, located in Lee Township was purchased in May 1920 by Carol’s great uncle Harold Hanson and his wife Agnes,  shortly after  he came home from WWI in 1919. The farm grew to the current 400 acres as the family acquired more land over time.

Carol and Kevin were married in 1981 and bought the original 40-acre property from her mother. They later bought the remainder of the farm property from Carol’s uncle.

The Hoge family, including two daughters, Sara and Leah, who are grown and married, raises Angus and Gelbvieh-cross beef cattle; the average size of the herd is about 50 cows. Mostly the family backgrounds calves and send sthem to a feedlot in Nebraska for finishing.  Rarely they might sell some beef locally.

Kevin and Carol’s two married daughters, ages 32 and 30 years, were raised on the farm. They both have cattle at the farm. The Hoges are expecting their first grandchild this month.

One daughter is a large -animal veterinarian in Lewiston, Minnesota.

Kevin retired from MnDOT a year ago and is now a full-time farmer. He is also a member of the Aitkin School Board. Carol works full time at Aitkin County Abstract.

The Hoges dream of having their daughters continue farming on the land.

The family has a big garden and raises meat chickens every summer for family and friends; everyone gets together once a year to process chickens for consumption by the extended family and friends.

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