Aitkin Freedom station

The Aitkin Freedom Station – a subsidiary of Marathon – has been closed for the last two weeks. The owners of the property, Twin Cities Petroleum and Properties LLC, said last week that it has assumed management of the station, replacing the previous tenant.

The Aitkin Freedom Station, located at 13 2nd St. NW, Aitkin, is expected to reopen soon after being closed for roughly two weeks.

Twin Cities Petroleum and Properties LLC, located in Florida, confirmed Oct. 7 that the store’s previous tenant had been replaced and that Twin Cities Petroleum would now run the store.

William McCullough, the operations officer for Twin Cities Petroleum, said that he expected the store to reopen as soon as the end of last week.

The store officially reopened Saturday, and as of Monday, all the grades of gas were available on the pumps outside. Restocking inside the store appeared to be ongoing as of Monday.

According to Aitkin County, the previous tenant was Erickson Oil Inc.

McCullough said that the official takeover was Oct. 7.

“The store will not be closed for long,” he said. “We’re looking to retain all of the employees.”

The gas station and convenience store is the only one heading west out of town on Hwy. 210. About 8-10 employees are at the store.

Twin Cities Petroleum owns just one other gas station in Aitkin County – The Junction at the intersection of Hwys. 169 and 18.

McCullough said the goal for the Freedom Station is a “seamless transition.

“We need to get it back to the store that the residents of Aitkin can be proud of.”

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