Goffs Bay Catering

Peg and Froggy Johnson at a local farmers’ market in early August.

Peg Johnson (formerly Rosvold) left a position as head chef at McGregor’s Minnesota National Golf Course on August 6 to focus more on catering for local events.

The catering business she and her new husband Andy (Froggy) Johnson will be operating together is called  Goffs Bay Catering.  The business was registered in January and will be operated out of McGregor Community Center’s commercial kitchen.

Catering for local funerals, weddings and corporate business meetings will be the core of their business.

“Local, freshly made, all natural ingredients distinguish the foods we prepare,” said Peg. “Everything is made from scratch.” Goffs Bay will be buying locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and possibly meats for their catering and condiments business.

Now that she has ended her full-time employment with Minnesota National, Peg will be working full time on their business making and selling sauces, salsas, jams and pickles they are selling under the Goffs Bay label. Baked goods are another specialty that the Johnsons plan to have available at these events. In addition to pop-up and annual events around the state, they will be regulars at the McGregor and Aitkin farmers’ markets. Goffs Bay is doing sales through the McGregor Sip & Shop at the McGregor Community Center (Nov. 9). They can also prepare barbeque and other sauces in bulk for restaurants.

Peg was originally from Duluth; her grandparents had raised their family in Wright. She was in food service at the Carlton School from 2008 to 2011, then worked at Bon Apetit, and in 2011 she moved to Texas to manage a barbeque restaurant. In 2017 she returned to Minnesota to work at Minnesota National; she has been the head chef at Minnesota National and  Shillelagh’s Tap and Grill since  2017. She met Andy last year in McGregor and the pair were married just a few weeks ago.

Andy Johnson is an office  machine (copiers) repair person for Metro Sales. He is based out of Duluth, but travels all over northern Minnesota.   

Goff’s Bay Catering can be reached by phone at (218) 392-0919. Sip & Shop and Goffs Bay Catering are on Facebook.

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