Timber Lakes Septic Services Inc.

The Woodrow Family stands in front of Timber Lakes Septic Services Inc. in Aitkin, alongside two of their sewer pump trucks which sport their new logo. Pictured are, from left – Tim Woodrow, Amber Woodrow, Chris Buttler, Henry Woodrow, Hudson Woodrow and Hayla Woodrow.

Tim and Amber Woodrow have been partners with Jeremy Goble at Goble’s Sewer Service since  2015.

When Jeremy decided to pursue other ventures last year, Tim and Amber purchased his half of the company and became its sole proprietors.

Goble’s Sewer Service was started in the mid-1970s by Gaylen Goble. In 2015, Goble, planning to retire, sold half of the company to Tim and Amber Woodrow.

Tim’s father, Dale Woodrow, worked at Goble’s for years, and Tim worked for the company on and off during college. Tim admitted that it is different being the sole proprietors.

“It seems like something new is coming up every day,” Tim said.

The Woodrows are grateful to the Gobles, who have been very active in the transition, and are happy that they had the opportunity to partner with them as long as they did.

“Functionally, nothing has really changed,” said Woodrow. “I’ve been in charge of operations for the past six years and we’ve kept the same crew – a pretty strong core team of guys.”

Timber Lakes Septic Services will continue to provide septic maintenance and repair services such as pumping, cleaning and line jetting. They will continue to provide services in the area, about a 35-mile radius of Aitkin, including Crosby, Mille Lacs Lake, Malmo, McGregor, Big Sandy Lake and Palisade. The company has a licensed inspector who can provide compliance reports for real-estate transfers and building permits.

When asked why the name change, Woodrow said, “Being that the Gobles had moved on and were no longer involved, we thought it might be time for a name change.”

The new name is two-fold. “Timber” is simply a portmanteau of Tim and Amber. And the words “timber” and “lakes” are a nod to the natural beauty of the Aitkin area.

“We really love living here and the beauty that this area offers,” Amber said. She explained that the main reason they are in this business is to help preserve the lakes and forests for generations to come.

The name change – with the Gobles’ name and branding on everything – had to be tracked down and changed, Woodrow said, “and that’s a lot of stuff.”

On top of that, “it’s informing the public enough to know that it’s not an entirely new company, just a new name.”

The company has grown over the past six years.

“At times it’s scary because you feel like it’s going faster than you can keep up with, good or bad,” Amber said. “It’s just one of those things, it’s a blessing and a curse all at the same.”

In response to a growing need in the community, this April the Woodrows expanded into the portables business. Timber Lakes Portable Services is co-owned by the Woodrows and Amber’s brother, Chris Buttler, and his wife Zanna Christen.

They have 125 standard-size portables and six wheelchair-accessible portable toilets.

“Having outdoor restrooms for grad-party guests is a great way to reduce foot traffic in and out of peoples’ homes and easier to socially distance outside while waiting to use the facilities,” Amber explained. “The other benefit is people are not stressing their own in-ground system.”

The company will be offering a special discount for all graduates this spring.

“People think about portables in the case of a sewer emergency, but there are advantages to planning ahead,” Tim said.

If becoming co-owners of their own business isn’t enough chaos, the Woodrows also recently welcomed a seven-month-old lab into their home.

“We kind of missed a little bit of that puppy stage, but he’s still got enough puppy left in him, and so we are also experiencing that,” Amber said.

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