Set ... in stone

DCM Masonry and Supply recently opened a second location five miles south of Aitkin on Hwy. 169.

Doug Covington spends most of his free time in his garage tending to his vintage cars – his favorite a lime green 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 440 motor and blower.

When he is not working on his cars, he is perfecting his craft – masonry. He is the owner of DCM Masonry and Supply, a masonry company in Crosslake, and he has just opened a second location, five miles south of Aitkin on Hwy. 169.

Covington has been a mason all his life. Originally from Iowa, he moved to the area 21 years ago. When he first arrived, synthetic-stone veneer, a thin decorative layer of mixed concrete concealing non-stone material, was common.

“I saw fake stone everywhere,” he said. “And it made zero sense to me, because at the end of the day, as a mason, you’re supposed to walk away, look over your shoulder and be proud of what you did,” he added.

DCM installs natural stone fireplaces, siding and other decorative masonry work, and provides stone for patios and landscaping. Covington personally selects all the stone.

Covington sources his stone from local granite fields. He also brings in stone from all over the country and parts of Canada.

“When I set this up, I decided that if I wanted to get stone for the business, I want to buy it someplace cool,” he said. “So I’d look for stone, say, in the Rocky Mountains.”

DCM only works with natural stone.

“We saw the stone ourselves and produce everything in house because I’m kind of picky,” Covington said. “I think if you’re going to spend the money let’s do it right.”

The business is family owned and family run. Covington’s wife of 31 years, Angie, and their four children all help out in the business – from masonry to web design.

The business can be reached by calling 218-821-4394.

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