Brandl GM opens car wash

Brandl GM in Aitkin has recently opened a car wash, using GM-

recommended equipment including 45 horsepower dryers, four oscillating, double-mitter top curtains and offering three different wash options for drivers. The wash also uses biodegradable soap and water, with no harsh chemicals.

For years, Brandl GM in Aitkin has received feedback asking for one thing – a car wash.

“There’s been a lot of requests for us to bring in a car wash other than a touchless wash,” said Troy Atwater, owner and car dealer at Brandl.

Now the dream has come true, as Brandl recently opened a new car wash – a wash harkening back to the old days of large scrubber brushes (a rollover wash) that offers new technology as well.

“It’s just another option,” said Atwater. “I just wanted another alternative for people, so they could decide what kind of wash they want.”

The car wash is open from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 8 a.m.- 3 p.m. on Saturday. With three different washes available, the costs range from $7-12, and customers can use cash, credit or debit.

The Broadway Equipment wash uses four oscillating, double-mitter top curtains as well as four large brushes to provide what Atwater said is a “gentle cleaning action” that leaves a clean car.

“This is like the gold standard for rollover-type car washes,” Atwater said. The wash also uses biodegradable soap and water with no harsh chemicals, he explained.

The wash also employs a spot-free rinse using water purified by reverse osmosis.

“You’re not going to have these hard water spots all over the car,” Atwater said. “It gives you a true, spot-free rinse.”

The GM-recommended equipment also has 45 horsepower dryers that reach operating speeds quickly and thoroughly dry the car in about 45 seconds.

“I want it to be as dry as it can before it leaves,” Atwater said of the car. “Especially in the winter time.”

A free basic wash will be given to customers with any service, including an oil change. Customers will receive a code that they can redeem at any time.

Atwater is happy to finally be able to give another option to drivers in the area.

“People have been waiting and asking for this for years,” he said. “I think it’s going to provide a really nice service to the community and especially our service customers.”

Brandl GM is located at 702 Second St. NE, Aitkin.

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