On June 2, Jeff Iverson celebrated the first catch of his new fishing guide service: a 52.5 inch muskellunge caught by Todd Grams.

Jeff and his wife Sue Iverson have lived on Mille Lacs Lake, north of Garrison, for about five years. They both frequently enjoy time together outdoors while bicycling, hiking, boating and playing pickleball. Now recently retired, Jeff has found another hobby to occupy his time: “THERE’z ONE!!!” Guide Service/Consulting, aptly named after a common expression used by Jeff, and an expression he wants to hear from his customers.

Jeff uses his 20-foot Skeeter boat and a variety of Garmin electronics on his guided trips, which he enjoys teaching his customers to use. He also enjoys teaching others the knowledge he has acquired from both his lifetime of outdoors experience and his membership with the National Professional Anglers’ Association.

Besides the teaching, the guide service is all about fun.

“If it isn’t fun, I’m not doing it,” said Jeff.

While working in sales for 23 years, Jeff would frequently take his associates on his fishing trips. After retiring last January, many of his friends asked him about his retirement activities, and he decided to start a guide business. His network within sales was a great foundation for getting his hobby business going, so he went forward with it.

The guide service is for anyone interested in fishing Mille Lacs Lake, or other lakes in the area such as Vermillion or Leech. Find out more at the THERE'z ONE!!! website, email jiverson365@gmail.com or call 218-429-2950.

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