Coal Creek Station

This past July, American Peat Technology (APT) and Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative (MLEC) took to the skies for a day trip to Coal Creek Station in North Dakota.

Each year, MLEC has the opportunity to offer a V.I.P. tour of the plant to one of our key account members. American Peat Technology is the second largest account within MLEC territory, behind the Grand Casino. The group included Dave Schaeffer, Karl Erdman, Roger Sorben, Doug Green and Matt Osvold of APT, accompanied by MLEC employees Jeff Peysar, Tony Anderson and Scott Nutting. Upon arrival, the staff gave an in-depth tour of Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station, DC Converter Station, Blue Flint Ethanol Plant, and Falkirk Mine.

MLEC guides a trip to Coal Creek Station every other year. This low-cost trip is open to all MLEC members and includes lodging, transportation, and most meals. Be on the lookout for trip details in 2021.

Attendees Said:

“It was great to see how much environmental protection was in place to produce clean energy. Even the waste left over from the combustion process is turned into a valuable product utilized in making cement roads by the state highway department.”

—Roger Sorben, CFO, American Peat Technology

“It was a pleasure touring the facility and I would recommend anyone invited to participate and enjoy.”

—Karl Erdman, Master Electrician, American Peat Technology

“We really appreciated the chance to look closely at the power generation equipment and its operation during the tour of the Coal Creek powerplant. A big part of our plant operation centers around solid fuel delivery, efficient combustion and related drying. It was a chance to learn from people who had already dealt successfully with many of the same issues APT has struggled with in the past and/or will face in the near future.”

—Doug Green, CEO, American Peat Technology

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