socket wrench

An Aitkin resident was charged in Crow Wing County court Jan. 6 with four felony accounts after allegedly assaulting a Crosby man in his home Jan. 3.

Scott Edward Heyer, 35, was charged with two counts of burglary, one count of second-degree assault and felony fifth-degree drug possession.

If convicted, Heyer could receive up to 55 years in jail and up to $100,000 in fines.

Heyer posted his $10,000 bail through a bond company and was released. Conditions of the bail include not leaving the state without written court approval, no contact with the victim, no use or possession of drugs and alcohol and random testing.

According to the criminal complaint, Crosby police responded to a report of a disturbance at a home in the city of Crosby. An ambulance was also dispatched, and when the officer arrived, the victim was sitting on the ground and bleeding from multiple lacerations to his face and head.

The victim was eventually transported to the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center for treatment of the lacerations, a possible fractured skull and brain bleed. An air ambulance was launched in case the victim needed to be transported to a trauma center.

Heyer, meanwhile, was found sitting in a tan-colored SUV and detained. According to the complaint, Heyer asked, “what’s this all about?” and when the officer said he was dispatched for a fight involving a “pipe,” Heyer said the pipe was on the front seat of his vehicle.

The weapon is allegedly a large socket wrench, which the victim said was used to hit him a number of times after Heyer entered the home without permission.

The vehicle was towed due to being in violation of Crosby’s winter parking ordinance. When the officer conducted an inventory of the vehicle, he reportedly located multiple items that through his experience indicated the smoking of methamphetamine.

The officer also reportedly found a plastic baggie that he recognized through his experience as consistent with methamphetamine.

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