Court report

Appearing in Aitkin County court before Judge David Hermerding on Sept. 21, 22, 23, 28 and 30:

Dean M. Cigelske, 46, Rockville, received a stay of adjudication on violation of limited driver’s license; pay $50.

Wendy J. Kaubisch, 60, Stacy, was sentenced on DWI; serve 30 days jail or electronic monitoring; pay $1,087. Dismissed charges were DWI, violation of driving restrictions and open bottle.

Theodore W. Mishler III, 23, Duluth, was sentenced on felony 4th degree assault; credit for 56 days served; pay $212.

Timothy D. Moore, 30, Aitkin, was sentenced on open burning; pay $50. A charge of public nuisance was dismissed.

Kenny P. W. Thiem, 38, St. Paul, was sentenced on violate domestic abuse no contact order; pay $312. A similar charge was dismissed.

Joshua L. Treischel, 29, St. Cloud, was sentenced on violation domestic abuse no contact order; pay $312. A similar charge plus felony 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct was dismissed. Treischel received a stay of imposition on felony 4th degree criminal sexual conduct; credit for 55 days; pay $587. He received a statutory stay of adjudication on 5th degree controlled substance possession; credit for 57 days; pay $212. Dismissed charges were felony store methamphetamine paraphernalia in presence of a child, child endangerment, possession of small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jacob L. Anderson, 23, Burnsville, was sentenced on speeding 74/60; pay $87.

Ronald W. Carlisle, 57, Jacobson, received a stay of imposition on felony domestic assault; serve 45 days; credit for 34 days; pay $662. A charge of felony threats of violence was dismissed.

Gary L. Daniel, 33, Aitkin, was sentenced on fail to signal for turn; pay $137. He was also sentenced on fail to stop at stop sign; pay $50.

Noelle A. Hagen, 18, Aitkin, was sentenced on speeding 64/55; pay $127.

Harry T. Rinowski, 71, Golden Valley, received a stay of adjudication on DWI; 20 hours community work service; pay $500. A charge of 4th degree DWI was dismissed.

Macey I. Scherbel, 29, St. Paul, received a stay of adjudication on felony 3rd degree burglary; credit for 10 days; pay $1,187.  Dismissed charges were theft and felony fail to appear.

Bert Thompson, 71, Minneapolis, was sentenced on speeding 65/60; pay $137.

Jacob M. Dolney, 36, Hill City, received a stay of adjudication on domestic assault; pay $225.

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