Court report

Appearing in Aitkin County Court before Judge David Hermerding on March 23, 24, 25, 26,  30 and April 2;

Cameron L. Wood, 28, Aitkin, charged with violation of a limited driver’s license, had the matter continued for dismissal; pay $175.

Patrick A. Grandi, 65, Duluth, was sentenced on speeding 69/60;  pay $127.

Ryan J. Sund, 25, St. Cloud, received a statutory stay of adjudication on 5th degree controlled substance possession; credit for 30 days served; pay $500. Dismissed charges were possession of firearm - user of controlled substance and possession of ammunition - user of controlled substance. He was also sentenced on 4th degree DWI; credit for 30 days served; pay $137. Also dismissed were no proof of insurance and Driving After Revocation.

Beau B. Drew, 36, Aitkin, was sentenced on disorderly conduct, serve 10 days jail or electronic monitoring, STS/Huber as allowed; pay $187. Dismissed were 5th degree assault and possession of drug paraphernalia. Also sentenced on possession/sale small amount of marijuana; pay $50.

Duane C. Lindgren, 57, Aitkin, was sentenced on disorderly conduct; pay $187.

Nancy J. Nelson, 66, Aitkin, was sentenced on 3rd degree DWI; serve 30 days or electronic monitoring; credit for 13 days; pay $1,087. A similar charge was dismissed.

Kayla L. Wortham, 32, Aitkin, was sentenced on unlawful possession/sell Legend Drugs; serve 30 days; credit for 19 days; pay $212. She received a statutory stay of adjudication on felony 3rd degree controlled substance crime. Dismissed were possess/control/dispose of hypodermic needle and 5th degree controlled substance possession; sentenced on possession of drug paraphernalia; pay $212. Dismissed charge of possess hypodermic needle.

Kristin M. Anton, 23, Minneapolis, was sentenced on obstruct highway or deposit snow or ice; pay $187. Charge of public nuisance was dismissed.

Erik A. Burtt, 27, Lino Lakes, was sentenced on DAR; credit for 90 days; fees $212. Dismissed speeding 71/55.

Scott A. Card, 56, Edina, received a stay of adjudication on fishing with an extra line; pay $150.

Trenton J. Carrow, 42, Aitkin, was sentenced on reckless handle or use of dangerous weapon; pay $137. Dismissed were felony 2nd degree assault (2), felony threats of violence, felony reckless discharge of firearm, and possession of small amount of marijuana.

Miigwan, M.L. Dalquist, 20, McGregor, received a stay of imposition on felony threats of violence;  serve 30 days jail oelectronic monitoring; STS/Huber as allowed, credit 3 days; pay $562. Similar charge was dismissed.

Steven M. Gillis, 23, Siren, Wisconsin, was charged with theft of motor fuel from retailer, had the matter continued, credit for 30 days, pay $252.

Tess A. Hatfield, 24, Hill City, was sentenced on DWI, pay $587. Similar charge was dismissed.

Steven J.F. Holman, 28, Brainerd, was sentenced on felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, serve 30 days, STS/Huber, credit 4 days, pay $662. Dismissed were speeding 113/60, DAR (2), and no proof of insurance.

Kevin P. Meyer, 30, McGregor, was sentenced on DWI,  pay $612. He was also sentenced on untagged big game animal. Dismissed were discharge of firearm on a public highway and DWI.

Richard E. Moebakken, 57, Cedar, was sentenced on speeding 65/55; pay $127.

Trenton M. Rippie, 42, McGregor, was sentenced on operating ATV in careless/reckless manner, pay $187. Dismissed was DWI snowmobile or ATV (2).

Forrest R. Runquist, 59, Floodwood, was sentenced on theft, serve 30 days, STS/Huber, credit for time served, pay $9,012. Dismissed was felony theft.

Timothy J. Saunders, 56, Hill City, received a stay of adjudication on domestic assault, credit for 3 days; pay $1,000. Dismissed was felony threats of violence.

Weston E. Smith, 30, Big Lake, was sentenced on DWI, pay $587.

Christopher A. Struwve, 48, McGregor, was sentenced on careless driving; pay $1,187. Dismissed were 2 counts of second degree DWI.

Isabella M. Townley, 28, St. Cloud, was sentenced on DAR; pay $262. She was also sentenced on no rear lamps in motor vehicle; pay $50. Dismissed was possession of synthetic cannabinoid.

Kristina L. Wolfe, 48, McGrath, received a stay of adjudication on fail to yield; pay $100.

Douglas J. Hoard, 55, Bovey, was sentenced on Driving After Suspension; credit 30 days; pay $212. 

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