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Appearing in Aitkin County court before Judge David Hermerding on May 1, 5, 7 and 9; and Judge Erik Askegaard on May 22:

 Andrew J. Kelly, 32, Princeton, was convicted of DWI; pay $612. Dismissed charges were DWI and speeding 79/45.

Elijah C. Basham, 31, Princeton, received a statutory stay of adjudication on 5th degree controlled substance possession; credit for 79 days served; pay $400. Dismissed charges were Driving After Revocation and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Cameron J. Farah, 32, McGregor, was convicted of 2nd degree DWI; serve 45 days; credit for 30 days; pay $1,012. A similar charge was dismissed.

Chadric A. McKee, 31, Aitkin, was convicted of 3rd degree refuse to test; serve 30 days; credit for 3 days; STS/Huber as allowed; pay $1,012. Dismissed charges were felony 5th degree controlled substance possession and 4thdegree DWI.

Gary H. Peterson, 54, Baudette, received a stay of adjudication on Driving After Cancellation-Inimical to Public Safety; pay $175.

Matthew R. Ramsey, 47, Wayzata, was convicted of speeding 65/60; pay $127.

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