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Six crashes were reported during the week on 2nd Ave. in Aitkin, 2nd St. NE in Aitkin, 2nd St. NW in Aitkin, Minnesota Ave. N in Aitkin, Hwy. 47 near Aitkin, Hwy. 210 near Aitkin.

Wednesday, Aug. 21

Disturbance on 207th Pl. near McGregor ... Harassment on 422nd St. near Tamarack ... Car/animal collision on 4th St. SE near Aitkin ... Theft on 2nd St. NW in Aitkin ... Suspicion complaint on Deer St. near Aitkin.

Thursday, Aug. 22

Suspicion complaint on 468th Ln. near McGregor ... Disturbance on Summit Ave. NE in Hill City ... Disturbance on Little Bass Lake near McGregor ... Suspicion complaint on Bridge Rd. near Deerwood ... Fraud on 100th Ln. near Sandstone ... Theft on 405th Pl. near Palisade ... ATV incident on Aitkin County Forest Rd. 52-7 near Waukenabo, Suspicion complaint on W Hwy. 210 in McGregor.

Friday, Aug. 23

Suspicion complaint on 380th St. near McGregor ... Animal complaint on 3rd St. NW in Aitkin ... Animal complaint on 326th Ln. near Aitkin ... Scam reported on 2nd St. NW in Aitkin ... Theft on 440th Pl. near Aitkin ... Theft reported on 2nd St. NE in Aitkin ... Property damage on 206th Pl. near McGregor ... Disturbance on 477th Ln. near McGregor ... Suspicion on Lake Ave. E in Hill City.

Saturday, Aug. 24

Threat was reported on 468th Ln. near McGregor ... Vandalism on 422nd Pl. near Aitkin ... Theft on Kestrel Ave. near McGrath ... Animal complaint on 188th Ave. near McGregor.

Sunday, Aug. 25

Noise complaint on 400th Ln. near McGregor ... Animal complaint on 364th Ln. near McGregor.

Monday, Aug. 26

Animal complaint on Grove St. near Palisade ... Counterfeit reported on Kestrel Ave. near Tamarack ... Burglary on 409th Pl. near Aitkin ... Stolen property on 5th Ave. NW in Aitkin ... Suspicion complaint on Hwy. 169 near Hill City.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

  Vehicle off roadway along 257th Ave. near McGregor ... Unwanted person reported on 405th St. near Aitkin ... Theft reported on Deer St. near Aitkin ... Ambulance required on 486th Ln. near Palisade ... Theft on Greenfield Ave. SW in Hill City ... Animal complaint on 3rd St. NW in Aitkin.

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