The regular Aitkin City Council meeting on Nov. 16 was closed partway through so that council members could consider an internal affairs matter related to law enforcement misconduct.

When media, other city employees and the public were invited back in to the meeting, council members voted unanimously to approve a motion to allow City Administrator Rose Beverly to proceed with the investigation and take action as needed.

The name of the employee being investigated could not be released, pending the investigation, said Beverly. The individual being investigated will be placed on paid administrative leave.


Pay request number two and Change Order number three for the City Park Improvement project were approved. Street department manager Bob Nicko said the change order was related to reseeding the area after boards around the hockey rink were installed.  Nicko said the city was able to do that work and did not need to have it done by contractors.

Nicko also said the city is   going ahead with installation of two outside utility sheds, one of which is ready for delivery now.

Aitkin resident Bob Shaske requested a accessible sidewalk near MaryHill Manor. A year ago there was a citation for a tripping hazard in that same location, according to the request. Shaske requested the sidewalk either be eliminated or brought up to code.

Nicko said it would be “virtually impossible” to put in an accessible sidewalk in that location at this time.  Council agreed to table the request until a better visual evaluation can be done next spring.

“The city does not allow removal of an existing sidewalk,” Nicko said.

Council members were told the special event permit for the Fish House Parade would not be needed.

Aitkin Chamber of Commerce board members decided last week to cancel the parade and the associated Sip and Stroll event, due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in the county.

The raffle and virtual 5K are still on schedule, said council member Amanda Lowe.

The Riverside Pub has requested another 5-year lease with the city of Aitkin. The city is asking the business owner to make sure the bathrooms are kept in order.In the past the lease has increased 2% every year, so it would stay the same for this year and then increase by 2% next year. The council unanimously approved renewing the lease.

The next regular meeting of the Aitkin City Council will be on Monday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. at the Aitkin Public Library.

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