The Palisade City Council announced at its April 5 meeting that it would hold a community cleanup day May 1.

A rain date of May 8 was also scheduled.

Palisade City Clerk Maureen Mischler said that the city’s dump area would be open for leaves and branches, while council member Rodger Lindgren would collect hazardous materials to take to Aitkin’s hazardous materials collection if received before 10 a.m. May 1.

Mischler said the city is also looking for volunteers to help neighbors rake leaves and clean up weeds in yards.

In other agenda items:

• Nick Gunning, the city’s maintenance manager, gave a report on the city’s water quality. He said that the city will be flushing out the pipes, which have been producing cloudy water, April 26 starting at 8 a.m.

He also said that the city is working on the water rates, hoping to make it equitable for all consumers. He said that all Palisade buildings would need working water meters to enforce this.

Gunning said he was also pursuing additional bids for the city’s pest control services.

• Palisade Fire Chief Jere Gruhlke showed council members where the washer/dryer/extractor will be located in the fire hall.

The Palisade Fire Department has needed the equipment to wash its call-out gear so that firefighters are able remove the hazardous chemicals from their gear following a fire.

The work is funded by a grant from  the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

The council continued to offer virtual access only for the meeting, though it has said it will begin allowing in-person attendees when the meetings move back outdoors - hopefully by May’s meeting.

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