‘Doggy doo’ becoming more of an issue in Garrison

If you’re going to make a visit to the City of Garrison, know that the city council is working to resolve what is delicately being called the “doggy doo” problem.

At the May 12 meeting of the Garrison City Council, Council Member Bill Stimac raised the idea of creating a dog park in Garrison due to the large number of residents who are neglecting to pick up after their animals.

“People just do not respect the park area,” explained Stimac, who proposed to have the idea added to the agenda as meeting began.

As discussion on the topic moved forward, Council Member Sue Forster pointed out that a dog park would not solve the issue, as owners would still be required to pick up after their animals.

“It might work, it might not work,” Forster said. It was also pointed out that the dogs would still have to be attended to by their owners.

After discussing a few possibilities for a potential dog park location, the council looked at the logistics. A park would require both fencing and a bag station for bags to use in disposal of the dog waste.

There was also discussion of placing signs in the park areas reminding pet owners to pick up after their animals.However, council members were unclear as to the nature of the city’s ordinance on cleaning up after pets.

It was also mentioned that during the ice-fishing season, there have been instances where human waste was left in view.

Council Member Kristi Risnes said she felt the best route is signs, while the council agreed to look into costs.

In other items on the agenda:

• The Garrison Fire Department reported it had just 12 calls for the month of April.

The council also approved a $100 donation from Deerwood Bank to the fire department, made in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

A check in the amount of $106.20 also was voided, due to the person who received the check losing it.

• The council also approved the renewal of all liquor licenses in the city, pending fees, background checks and proof of insurance.

• The council approved a contract with Goble to provide chemical toilets for the Fourth of July fireworks.

The council debated a second bid, but decided to stay with Goble. Whether or not the fireworks will take place will be decided by June 9.

The next Garrison City Council meeting is June 9 at 5:30 p.m.

City of Garrison makes decision to cancel Play Days

In a telephone call May 14, Mayor Loren Larson said that Garrison Play Days, originally scheduled for July, has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It would have been the event’s 25th anniversary. Larson explained that the logistics of trying to plan the event around social distancing guidelines and cancellations of various portions of the event made it impossible.

“We’ve been expecting it,” Larson said. “We haven’t been getting the response from the people who do the craft show. All the bands have had to be canceled.

“This is just not going to work,” he added. “We’ll just have to make the 25th anniversary next year.”

The annual event normally takes place late in July, and features a parade, crafters and food stalls.

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