McGregor moving forward new fire hall

At its Sept. 1, 2020 meeting, the McGregor City Council discussed plans for the proposed new fire hall.

Pete Filippi, representing Contegrity Group, came to explain his vision for how the building process could proceed. Filippi believes if all goes well the project could be completed in one year from the start date.  

The city still has to contract with an architect and determine that the project will fit within its budget prior to starting.

Contegrity will solicit bids from local businesses as part of its service. Mayor Dake Olson will be the contact person during this process and will keep the council informed. Discussion included council member Bruce Miller about whether a storm shelter area could be included in the design.

Fillipi will be putting together a  request for proposals and suggested the city update its  building committee often.

With regard to identifying an architect to work on the project, Miller passed out flyers from Brunton Architects for the council’s consideration.


Acting Ambulance Manager Daryl Doering spoke about positions that need to be filled in the ambulance department. The city approved payments of $50 per month for each position, including field training officer, supply chain coordinator, quality improvement coordinator, and fleet maintenance coordinator. Job descriptions are being finalized.

Doering informed the council that re-licensing needs to be completed by October. He pointed out that the Emergency Management Services Board suggested some full-time ambulance members are needed.  


Penny Olson discussed library cleaning and a decision was made to have curbside pickup of book orders on Saturdays and other days by appointment only, starting Sept. 15.

The McGregor Maintenance Department will use a fogger to sanitize the facility on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and Cindy Schneller will clean on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Olson will clean in between customers who use the restroom, computers, tables and chairs. Miller read the East Central Regional Library’s policy for re-opening. Casale will email ECRL the city’s COVID-19 plan.


• Olson informed the council he was in touch with a  property owner who wants to forfeit a property that has a lien against it to the county. Olson is working with county to see what can be done. The council has determined that tax-increment financing can be used for demolition purposes. Letters will be sent to property owners who will need to board up their windows. Affected homeowners will have the opportunity to come to the October city council meeting to discuss their options.

• ECRL is looking into installing a wireless internet signal booster or perhaps mounting a city wide internet access spot on the bridge on Hwy. 210.

• The city approved the purchase of a 2007 plow truck for $49,000.

• The Oct. 1 game feed will be served from noon–5 p.m. at the back door of the McGregor Community Center, with curbside delivery.

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