At the March 9 meeting of Aitkin County’s Natural Resources Advisory Committee, resource advisors voted on a proposal put together by Aitkin County Land Department Recreation Specialist Chris Johnson to address the fate of a historic log structure at Vispo County Park.

Concerns about county liability over the old structure have arisen over the past few years.

Johnson outlined three options for the hand-hewn cabin at the park:

• Demolish and reassemble the 14 ft. by 16 ft. structure incorporating sound salvaged materials from the original building and a new foundation and steel roof. Cost is estimated at $21,818.

• Disassemble the original building and use sound salvaged materials to build an informational kiosk for the park. Cost is estimated as $9,324.

• Let the building sit for another five years and reevaluate at that time. This option entails no immediate cost to the county.

NRAC members voted to investigate option one after reaching agreement that the building had historical value and should not be lost.

Long Lake Conservation Center Executive Director Wendie Bright provided a 2019 year in review report to NRAC, in addition to her Feb. 2020 monthly report.

Bright reported that the center had applied for a No Child Left Inside grant from Minnesota DNR to help fund a mountain bike program for LLCC. The project will cost about $40,000 to implement.

Annual elections for NRAC officers were held at the meeting. Frank Turnock concluded his term as chairman, and Bob Lake stepped into that position from his vice-chair position. Judy Blomberg was unanimously elected as the next NRAC vice chair.

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