Retiring Nicko praised

A smiling Bob Nicko raises a hand in celebration Sunday at his retirement party at the Aitkin County Fairgrounds. An open house was held for Nicko, who retired from the city of Aitkin Public Works Department after 43 years.

As Aitkin Mayor Megan Workman congratulated Bob Nicko on his retirement at the June 21 regular meeting of the city council, other council members chimed in with their congratulations and farewell comments.

A common theme was gratitude for Nicko’s years of responsiveness to the needs of city residents, and attention to keeping the city’s streets safe and functional. City Administrator Rose Beverly thanked Nicko for his incredible work ethic and tenacity in staying in his position for such a long time. Workman presented Nicko with a plaque recognizing his career of service to the city of Aitkin, thanking him for his many helpful acts of service to the residents of the city.


Bolton and Menk provided an update on the status of the project on Third St. NW. There were several change orders due to unforeseen conditions found during excavation.

1. Sanitary sewer pipe material was changed to meet city specifications.

2. The crew came across a large piece of concrete under the ground that had to be removed

3. Engineers had designed the new sewer system based on existing drawings the city had; the actual location was a foot higher than the city’s record showed. That discovery required a stoppage and use of additional equipment to verify the location for future work. The total extra cost for these changes is $10,878.37.

Also, the first payment for the project was approved for the amount of $314,324.11.


• Council members unanimously approved resolution 2021-06-21B, accepting American Rescue funds.

• New Life Church was granted  a special event permit for a family event on July 4. They will be serving food and having games in the park, starting in the morning.

• Council member Amanda Lowe spoke about street signs on major corridors coming into the city being shabby and dirty and asked for discussion about how they look and what might be done about it.

The next regular meeting of the Aitkin City Council will be Tuesday, July 6 at 6 p.m. at the Aitkin Public Library.

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