4-Hers at state 4-H Horse Show

Josie Kostick and Bree Voller were two of the participants in the 4-H State Horse Show.

4-H youth from Aitkin County participated in the Minnesota 4-H State Horse show Sept. 17-20.

This year, 591 youth from across the state participated in the annual event at the Minnesota State Fair. 4-Hers demonstrate their skills and knowledge in hippology (showing knowledge and understanding of equine science and husbandry), horse judging (study of an animal, measuring it against an accepted ideal), horse training and achievement, speech and demonstrations about interest in horses or the horse industry, showmanship and drill team skills.

Youth who participate in the Minnesota 4-H Horse Project learn about show, trail, and endurance riding; test their horse knowledge at quiz bowls or on judging teams and study horse science. Youth may participate if they own or lease a horse. There are even options for youth who are interested in horses, but don’t have access to one in their community.

“Through the Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show, youth build communications skills, gain deeper learning and interest in horses, and build relationships with caring adults,” said Renee Kostick, Extension educator who manages the 4-H horse project in Minnesota. “These experiences contribute to their success in school, community and futures.”

The following youth were members of the Aitkin County delegation:

Mackenzie Benz  - Poles, Jumping, Figure 8, Barrels

Bethanie Gravelle - Showmanship, Western Pleasure,   Horsemanship, Trail, English Pleasure, English Equitation

Emma Thompson - Poles, Jumping, Figure 8, Keyrace, Barrels,   Western     Pleasure,  Horsemanship, Trail, English Pleasure, English Equitation

Hannah Slette - Jumping, Figure 8, Keyrace, Barrels

Sara Thompson - Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship,   Trail, English   Pleasure, English Equitation

Josie Kostick - Poles, Jumping Figure 8, Keyrace, Barrels

Bree Voller - Poles, Jumping, Figure 8, Keyrace, Barrels

Ed Koch - Poles, Jumping, Figure 8, Keyrace, Barrels

Audrianna Schneider - Poles, Jumping, Figure 8, Keyrace, Barrels. To learn more about Minnesota 4-H Horse Project, contact local Extension educator Jenna Claypool at 218-927-2538 and visit the website.


4-H is a youth development program of the University of Minnesota Extension. Available for youth grades k-one year after high school, 4-Hers participate in hands-on learning experiences in STEM, citizenship and leadership, animal science, creative arts and much more.

Through this learn-by-doing process, youth obtain essential life skills such as problem solving, decision-making, coping and communicating that help them succeed in their school, college, community and career. Research shows that youth who participate in 4-H have better grades and are more emotionally engaged with school, are more than twice as likely to be civically active and contribute to their communities, and are 47% less likely to have risky or problem behaviors.

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