In a recent edition of the Star Tribune, 12 Minnesota state legislators penned a commentary calling on President Biden to revoke federal permits for the Line 3 oil pipeline as he did for Keystone XL on his first day in office. The legislators write that:

“By prioritizing this urgent climate action in his first days in office, the president is standing by his commitment to transition the United States away from fossil fuels and honor treaty rights across the country. This is a great step forward for our climate and for environmental justice.

“But the work doesn’t stop with Keystone. In Minnesota, the Canadian oil giant Enbridge Energy is relentlessly pushing forward the Line 3 tar sands pipeline to expand fossil fuel infrastructure despite the worsening climate crisis and a global pandemic.

“As with Keystone, Biden has the authority to stop the construction of Line 3 by directing the Army Corps of Engineers to revoke the project’s water crossing permit. [...]

“We are among the millions of Minnesotans who support an urgent transition toward safe, sustainable and secure energy sources. The truth is that no one who claims to be a leader on climate could ever support the construction of Line 3.

“By taking swift action, as he did with Keystone, Biden can provide the leadership Minnesota needs to protect the environment and stop an impending climate catastrophe.”


Rep. Heather Keeler, District 4A; Sen. Jen McEwen, District 7; Rep. Liz Boldon, District 25B; Sen. Mary Kunesh, District 41; Rep. Cedrick Frazier, District 45A; Sen. Lindsey Port, District 56; Rep. Jess Hanson, District 56A; Rep. Aisha Gomez, District 62B; Rep. Jim Davnie, District 63A; Sen. John Marty, District 66; Rep. Athena Hollins, 66B; Rep. Sydney Jordan, 60A

Read the full commentary at /


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