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My daughters and I are “wordies” and share things we come across such as misused words or mixed metaphors.

Dear Earth Talk: Do wealthy people generate more pollution and/or carbon emissions than the less fortunate?    –  George P., Greenwich, Connecticut

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How effective do you think most masks are in stopping the spread of COVID-19?

Most masks being sugical (not N95 or KN95) or cloth.

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Dear EarthTalk: Has anyone figured out how to build wind farms that don’t negatively impact birds, bats and other wildlife? Does building them…

A few weeks ago, I caught myself saying “have a nice day” to a co-worker as I left the office. That might sound benign enough to most, except …

Now that some major holidays are over for 2021, thoughts turn to taking stock of how that year went, and what one might do so that 2022 goes m…

Some time ago, in the presence of a newborn being tended by his parents, I was reflecting on the pace of life while on earth.

The dream … that we don’t miss any local news or events and the community is ecstatic with its local newspaper.

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Latest e-Edition

The freshly-fallen snow glistens on the ground. The house is aglow with festive holiday lights and décor. Stockings are neatly hung. It’s a pi…

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.”  ~Ruth Carter Stapleton

As we go into our third year of a pandemic, we have learned to be thankful for things different from, say 2019.

An odd topic for the week of Christmas, perhaps. But for many, there are reasons to grieve during the holidays.

One of the most eerie experiences for me happened when driving across the Lake of the Woods on a snowmobile. I was leading the group of three …

Recently, I have connected with a cousin named Robert through My maternal grandfather and his paternal grandfather were brothers…

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