Trump took the stage and soaked in the raucous cheers of hundreds of young Republican supporters

packed inside the Marriott Marquis in Washington. The only thing that I would question is their support for the president OR has he now become the first president to be pranked by a crowd of young admirers. On the screen behind the president was a doctored “seal of the President of the United States”. How did Trump end up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include a Russian symbol and holding golf clubs in its talons? This happened on July 24th, 2019. The eagle has two heads instead of one, a symbol historically tied to the empire and dominance. It closely resembles the bird on the Russian coat of arms and also appears on the flags of Serbia, Albania and Montenegro. I have to wonder if it is a joke by a young Republican member or someone trying to warn Americans?

Now on to Robert Mueller and what he said in his testimony on 7/24/19. Mueller cried out to the committee that Russia is interfering and making plans to interfere in our 2020 elections. Republicans are grilling Mueller. The Republicans were very disrespectful to this man, believe me, they could not walk in this man shoes! It came out the day after that they were parroting a Fox News host, almost word for word. I continually have to ask myself why are Republicans trying to destroy Mueller for defending our Country from a foreign government's intervention in our elections? It has come down to the simple truth, its American Democracy or Republican form of Fascist government. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an "evil empire." But Thirty years later, Russia and their President, former KGB operative Vladimir V. Putin has become an object of profound and inexplicable affection for the Republican Party. Just lately Mitch McConnell is violating his oath of office by refusing to protect the United States of America. The Russians bought themselves a president, but they also own a Senate Majority Leader. How is this possible? Russian big-wig gives his state $200 million dollars, to stop any bill that had to do with security measures in our elections. Then “Moscow Mitch” McConnell and his republican friends will be out on the campaign trail wrapping themselves in the American flag. The Republican party has always portrayed themselves as the party of law & order, patriotism and family values. In reality the Republican party members are now supporting a racist, corrupt, immoral, criminal, traitorous and fascist president. These are mighty strong word to use against a sitting president, however I believe they hold some semblance of truth.

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