I have a few Republican's in my circle of friends, they know my view's on Trump very well. When I am with them, I usually do not broach my disdain for Trump very often. I am an opinionated person, so I usually open up my “opinion page mouth” when they start sounding as if, Trump is totally correct or morally superior. My mouth, usually utters words like, are you kidding me? My come-back is, Trump does not care about America, only himself. The messages he is sending to the world that dictators in other countries are more important to him, than the country he took an oath to serve and protect. Yet you protect and believe every word he says, Remarkable!!!!

They usually try and deflect my statement with, how about Bill Clinton?, how about Benghazi? how about Hillary's uranium deal? They seem to forget that Benghazi and the uranium deal have been investigated by the Republicans for more than 6 years, with no wrong doing found. But now let's look at these self-righteous Republican leaders and voters. There was not a word against Trump when Trump took Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman at his word, after the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, when the crown prince denied any knowledge about it. Just imagine if Joe Biden were president, an he took the word of the Prince over what our intelligence community reported. Do you believe that the Republicans wouldn't call that un-American? Trump said he took Putin at his word that Russia did not seek to interfere in the US presidential election last year, despite the findings of USA intelligence agencies that said he did. Wouldn't the self-righteous Republicans have a coronary, if Hillary was elected president and did the same thing? Then when Trump was in Hanoi, and he took Kim Jong Un word over the death of Otto Warmbler. Kim Jong Un statement reminds me of the “I know nothing” excuse, but if Bernie Sanders took Kim Jong Un's word over our own intelligence reports and the young man's mother, the self-righteous Republicans would go ballistic, but silence reigns now that Trump is President. This action from the self-righteous Republicans leaders and voters, is so sad. I cannot imagine a President of the USA would be taking the word of three dictators over his own intelligence people!!! Sicking. Can you remember when the self-righteous Republicans went crazy when Barrack Obama "bowed" to a Saudi? But they don't say a word against Trump, when he calls our intelligence agencies, liars. They don't say a word when Trump gives his son-in-law SUPER SECRET CLASSIFICATION, ignoring the CIA, an FBI objections. It's no wonder why I shake my head and roll my eyes at self-righteous Republicans leaders and voters.

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Richard Dalton II

The end is near.


After Trump, end of Republican party is near, I agree Richard


From reading this I get the feeling you don't like Republicans or Trump.

Its not to late Wayne to leave the dark side. You should embrace Trump.
I don't agree with everything he says, but he was elected to stir the pot from the norm.
I and that's why he gets my vote. We don't need higher taxes, more regulation, and more free programs. I can make decisions for myself. You democrats believe you now best on how to do and run everything. Just think, you will get to keep crying every week after he wins a second term. Yes you read that correctly. Your party is a disaster, all those people that have been there for 400 years and the new OcrazyO Cortex is leading the pack. What a joke.


Cradle to grave is how your party wants it. Dems know best. We will tell you how to live, what cars to drive, etc. Health care for everyone, free, free, free.

Everyone should be equal

Do as I say not as I do. Limousine liberals......Al Gore


dear Bass, I have no problems with Republicans , the one who don't spout trumps line, But you are right, I don't like Trumps politics. If there was ever a dark slimy side, its in trumps corner. He sure did stir the pot, taking away any pollution safety net, a guy that caved to U Korea's un. The super secret meeting with Putin, bet you that if a democratic president did that you would holler to high heaven. Well I hear that he is going to try and take social security, medicare an some federal employees benefits and educational benefits, [ I know keep them stupid on the farm mentality] hope your kid don't need help. Don t feel to sorry for you, pay higher premiums than. I thing that you and the Republican party are scared of her, she may get the poor to start thing whats good for them instead of protecting the wealth and security of the rich. Start your year off by giving up your sinful backing ways. haha


What will you write about next? Republicans bad....Trump bad?

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